Welcome to the Nafsika

It’s a new season and Speros and his team are ready to make your stay at the Nafsika in Agios (San) Stefanos, Corfu an enjoyable experience.

Well be letting you know the latest news about the 2011 season – the new members of the team and the new dishes we have concocted.




7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Nafsika

  1. Well Speros, it will be 4 years ago this September when I visited your charming Nafsika hotel. I have so many great memories from the arrival and sitting in the terrace and meeting you for the first time. How many owner’s personally introduce themselves to their guests…..what a wonderful way to begin a vacation. Painting under the instruction of England’s renowned watercolour expert Jan Blanch and touring the Agios Stefanos area was a trip that floods my memory of beautiful scenery, wonderful hospitality and meeting new friends that I will never forget and hopefully meet again. If I could shut my eyes and wakeup somewhere else , it would be at your charming “home away from home”!

  2. i have really enjoyed the narative about agio stefanos becoming san stefanos however it will only be known as agio in our family, though san is easier to say.
    well done spero keep it up especially in the winter, oh and by the way i have my name day in june so i will be dropping in on you for a drink see you soon lots of love frank and the family.

  3. I have enjoyed this blog very much , thank you Speros. I will now forever call it AgStef if there can be an AgNik then why not? I laughed when you mentioned the travel reps! Travel reps? We only saw one once, on our first visit to your hotel in 2004. We had booked last minute and was so lucky to get the Nafsika – we didn’t know too much about the village and the rep asked where we were staying on the bus and we said Nafsika and she smiled (she was Scottish and quite nice) and said – you won’t need me then. We have visited the village 4 times since then and never even set eyes on one!!!!! A rep I mean. Keep up the fantastic work Speros, going to try your recipe – would be great to have one for the dolmades – I think they are the best I have ever tasted and John loves the gigantes. We stayed at Perros last August (you were booke d- another last minute hol) but popped into try the food – had the dolmades and wonderful sea bass – delicious and after first bite would have recognised the cooking blindfolded. Love it!

  4. Great holiday yet again, new staff excellent, and Chris brilliant as usual.
    Theadoras cooking as good as ever, with some new recipes.
    Dominic should do a cabaret night each week, just telling his version of Greek life, Corfu version of Peter Kay.
    Roll on next year !!!!!!!!

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