The Legend of Nafsika

The following short synopsis is from Homer‘s epic poem ‘The Odyssey‘.

“On the island of Corfu, King Odysseus was shipwrecked. He lost his ship and crew, but he survived, and was washed up on this very beach. He came round covered in sea-salt and not much else, to hear the cries of the beautiful Princess Nafsika’s maids playing ‘catch’.

Odysseus tore down the bough of a tree, no mere twig, to cover his manhood, and advanced on the girls ‘with eyes blazing like a mountain lion’. Not surprisingly, they all fled except for Nafsika who gave him a tunic, a cloak, food and drink and a bath in the river – though not necessarily in that order.

Nafsika took Odysseus to her father’s palace where he stayed for many days. History does not relate what took place between the two. Suffice to say that Odysseus, who was married with two children back home, had lost his memory and forgotten all about them”.

All this could have been avoided had the Hotel Nafsika in Agios Stefanos had been built three thousand years ago!


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