– Agios Stefanos, Corfu – 1970’s

My friend Anna has been coming to Agios Stefanos since 1970! Back then, there was really nothing but a 7 room hotel, the Saint Stefanos Hotel, the Waves taverna and one or 2 villas. She has kindly sent me some photos that she had of that time period and promised to send me some more. She has her own blog and has a hobby of making doll houses which has evolved into making miniatures that she calls “Little Things” or Mikropragmatakia in Greek. She has some on display at Perdita’s Glass Art shop and they could be ideal souvenir presents – small and easy to put in the suitcase. She calls them “Beach-memories”.  Please, go and have a look!

Agios Stefanos Beach around 1972

A more recent picture so you can see the difference better

The old harbour with the north wind, The Mistral

Man taking his goats for a walk!


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