Sunset Beach

There are many places in Corfu proclaiming themselves as the perfect place to see a sunset.  One of these has even called itself the ‘Sunset Beach‘ and although there is a sunset, in reality there is no beach at all, just a small alcove.  Unfortunately, Agios Stefanos is not one of the resorts that is famous for its sunsets nor has it boasted about them.  No one knows of its stunning and beautiful sunsets except for the people that have seen them from Agios Stefanos.   For me, it has to be the best on the island as when the sun sets and disappears behind the Diapontian Islands during the summer months, I can only stop what I’m doing and have a long good look. I’m not saying that these other places don’t have beautiful sunset as well;  they do, but to rename your small niche of a cove into the ‘Sunset Beach’ and have every one calling it and knowing it as that name, must be the marketing ploy of the decade!  Most of you reading this are shouting, “sour grapes!” to me. But on the contrary,  I say bravo to them that they have pulled it off.

So I present you with my evidence for the best Sunset Beach in Corfu —
Agios Stefanos Beach!

Can any painter do better!

Watching the sun slowly descend and disappear beyond the horizon

Sunsets embellish any setting and all in front of it


6 thoughts on “Sunset Beach

  1. Oh yes, I totally agree. We have some stunning sunsets here in Queensland but none compare to watching the sun go down over the ocean(sea) sitting at the bar at Nafsika. Bliss!

  2. Again we have some fantastic sunsets here on the Norfolk coast, but these are stunning and make me smile every time I see them, it takes me back to the fantastic week spent with you xxx

  3. Fantastic photos Speros .The sunsets are just another part of why people enjoy Agios Stefanos so much !! There are far too many other reasons and people have different opinions, on what makes it special for them and why.

  4. You can’t beat nature only try to capture the atmosphere and emotions that go with the beautiful sunsets, as an artist I have tried and enjoy the memories every time I look at my paintings of teh sunset from Nafsika. can’t wait till the summer so I can capture some more stunning shots.

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