The things people say….

As many of our guests will know – I am not normally a morning person! I put it down to the long hours and the late nights. I’d like mornings better if they started later. So I was a bit concerned if you visited a site like you might see a few comments about me being a bit gruff at times – oh alright, yes you will find some – if you look hard enough!!

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the vast majority of people who feel compelled to write a review, write nice things about the Nafsika and our team…. see for yourself – here are the reviews from this year so far.

cliffmitch from Worcester writes: “The ‘Jewel in the Crown’ is the taverna, where Spiros’s mother, Theodora, produces undoubtedly the best selection of Greek cuisine in the village, both for residents and general public alike.”

Biggles38 from Norwich writes: “This is a delightfully family run hotel just to the west of the centre of the village on the road leading to the old harbour. The food was excellent,much of it traditional and cooked to perfection by the owners Mother.”

LizK57 from King’s Lynn: “I travelled to Corfu with my 22yr old daughter for a quiet week of sun and good food. Was a bit concerned that she would be bored in a quiet hotel in a small village, but she was totally charmed by the friendliness and attention to detail shown by Speros and his staff.”

ronandkate123 from Norwich: “We have just returned from our third visit with a painting group and have been looked after (once again) handsomely. We would recommend this small, family run hotel to anyone wishing for a quiet, relaxing holiday.”

For full details of these and many other reviews of the Nafsika visit Tripadvisor –

One of many fine days in October 2010

I know you can never please all of the people all of the time but it seems we’ve been doing pretty well over the past 30 years and more!

I’d really like to hear your stories about your holidays in Agios Stefanos – not just at the Nafsika but memorable things that happened to you or things you did.  I’m sure the readers of the blog would like to reminisce with you.  Email me the details and I’ll add them to the blog, and thank you to all who have written so far!


5 thoughts on “The things people say….

  1. I have known Sprios for a long time, with his extensive knowledge on most topics, along with his love for greek History, its hard not to have a great conversation with him. Nafsika Hotel has a great history in San Stefanos, so its a must for a visit!!

  2. Hi Speros,
    Is it just our imagination, or do all 90% of your fans live in the fine county of Norfolk??!
    Liz & Emma Kentfield

  3. I stayed in Theo and Sophia’s villas which were located at the top of that steep hill that runs along the side of the Nafsika 3 times (once when I was 14, 15 and again when I was 23) but each time we used the hotel pool and restaurant everyday and was made as welcome as the guests staying there..The staff were brilliant, food was brilliant, facilities were brilliant but above all the way speros and his gang made you feel at home made our holidays special. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Yes the area back then (im 35 now) was quiet but Sidari is only 20 mins up the road and you’ll be pleased to come back to san stef at the end of the night lol 3 of the best holidays we have had and one day we will return…..thank you Spero for making our time special….p.s Wendy loved it that much (20 years of going), the only time she would fly was to come to see you and yours…she was petrified but she made it for you guys…you ROCK…xx may she RIP xxx

  4. Have been visiting Agios Stefanos for 7 years now and love it to bits! We always eat at the Nafsika in the evenings because of Speros and his staff. We love the ambience and setting of the restaurant and it goes without saying, the food is superb with a large and varied menu. Speros is always up for a laugh and we love listening to his local knowledge. Counting down to next year, that is if we don’t book a late deal this year!

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