New Member of Staff

One of the original ideas of this blog is to introduce people to the food, atmosphere, staff personnel and soul of the Nafsika. We have added a new member to the Nafsika staff team and even though he is rather young and shy at the moment, he is in charge of public relations and someday when he will be more trained by Spero, his job status will include client and property protection. He is a Taurus as he was born on the 19th of May and though he will not become very big in stature, I’m sure he will fill his boots nicely once he grows a bit older. Underneath his cool, calm and collected exterior, he manages to discreetly stay apart from the crowd. He has a rather handsome tan colour and some of his character attributes are friendly, loyal, playful, cuddly, vigilant, watchful, and lovable. These are just but a few words that come to mind on first meeting him.

So without any further ado, please let me introduce you to the new member of staff —

Sunbathing by the Nafsika pool

We have not yet named him so we will need some help with his name. I have already been asking our guests here in the hotel to suggest some names of which one suggestion is in the front running with the name of Dexter, after the famed cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory and yet another is Basil, yes, you guess it – it’s from Faulty Towers. Please send your comments on what to call him and all will be considered!


29 thoughts on “New Member of Staff

  1. Well Spiros, as he is waiting on a table I think you should call him Manuel (the waiter from Fawlty Towers). He is gorgeous sadly he’ll be all grown up by the time we next visit!!

    Fran X

  2. My vote is for Apollo, Olivia says Hercules and Leah says Hero! He’s absolutely gorgeous and we can’t wait to meet him next year.

  3. I’m surprised you didn’t here the awwws ahhhhs and sooo cutess from there Spiros! Be ready to lose him for 2 weeks when the “dog whisperer” comes over lol !! Bearing in mind your last post about being a bit grouchy in the mornings( not that i’ve witnessed that !!) How about OSCAR as in sesame street hahahah

  4. Just to make all other friends jealous, I have had the honour of hugging Spiros’ newest member of staff – immediately after he took the photograph!

    Spiros, what’s a name which emanates from Ericousa? With the family ties there, I’d have thought that would be great?

  5. How about the name WELCOME then when you call him your guests will think you are talking to them as well and feel even more welcome if that is possible as you have a wonderful hotel can,t wait to return in Sept

  6. He is absolutely beautiful. I think I would call him Cuddly Dudley. I look forward to meeting him at the end of Sept. x

  7. We also had the pleasure of meeting this adorable puppy recently and I (Karen) had some cuddles with him. I would call him cuddles! Thanks for another great time and fantastic food Spiros. Karen & John

  8. Me and my family have just returned from our holiday to Agios Stefanos, in which we visited Nafsika a couple of times for our dinner. You may remember us by my little brother Robert and my cousin Olivia.
    On the flight home, my mum and I were discussing names for the puppy and we both think that “Romeo” would be a well suited name for the most handsome dog in all of Corfu!

  9. So, what is his name in the end. Has he got one yet? Poor little thing won ‘t know what to answer to when he gets one. 🙂

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