Erinaceus Europaeus

In the many years after opening BarOne, the outdoor pool bar at the Nafsika Hotel, we have been frequented by many two-legged friends and on some rare occasions by a few four-legged friends and even some legless ones!  I can envisage what you’re all thinking… yes, we have had a few guests that have left legless from the bar but none that have come to the bar legless!

Last night, we were visited by Hobart, the Hedgehog.  He was rather shy at first but he soon opened up to us (sorry, for the pun)!  In fact, he so much liked to have his picture taken that he did not want to roll up into a ball again and return to his home in the wild!  I must admit, BarOne has this effect on all species – not wanting to leave.

Hobart the Hedgehog

As some of you know the Hotel is situated in the ‘old part of town’ which has the green belt area behind it. This is one of the reasons why there is even a ‘new part of town’ since no one can build anything on ‘forest land’ which is what the Land Registry calls it, but that will be another story. In reality there’s not much forest but more wild shrubs, especially the kind that can resist the sea elements as it is blasted by both the northwest wind, the Maestro and the southeastern wind, the Ostria.

There are many wild animals living in this very green patch of Agios Stefanos Beach, some existing there with the help of us humans since with the help of my friend Carole, a holiday rep, that lives on the island permanently; we liberated 7 tortoises in the hope that they would be fruitful and multiply. I would also be very wary to stray from the path as there are many snakes lurking in the bushes one of which, the Nose-Horned Viper, is very dangerous and Corfu’s only poisonous snake. Although this species is poisonous it won’t attack unless provoked and in fact it shuns human contact. We have had 2 snakes visit BarOne in the past, both times as it happens during the day and they seem to like wondering underneath women’s beach bags!

We have had other visitors such as Harold the owl and Ernie the eagle, but those are other stories and will be told on other occasions.


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