Hotel Nafsika’s Thanksgivings – Summer 2014

On this Throwbackthursday and on this day of Thanksgiving, Hotel Nafsika gives thanks to all of its guests and patrons for making the summer of 2014 special.

Although most of the world does not celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year, we at the Hotel Nafsika would like to give thanks to all of our guests and non-guests alike with this video.  (This video was supposed to be posted yesterday but uploading in this part of the world is a b*tch!)

Summer 2014 was not without its challenges: my father falling and breaking one of the bones in his pelvis; staff getting sick and not working most of the season; the economic climate in Greece not abating in the face of our politicians saying they are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and local government not providing services even though we are paying them through the nose!

Yet with all these hardships and others, we give thanks to this past season and dare to be grateful for who we are and what we have. Our Thanksgiving is perpetual.


4 thoughts on “Hotel Nafsika’s Thanksgivings – Summer 2014

  1. No thanks needed,its a pleasure to visit your wonderfull food in a fablous enviroment with friends old and new…see you next year. Alan&Ria

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all at Hotel Nafsika. We were grateful for the opportunity to stay with you for a week this summer…I hope that we will enjoy many more stays with you in the years to come.
    We hope that things worked out well for you in the end; we were aware of the situation with your Father but didn’t know about staff sickness problems; I hope that all are doing well.

    Hopefully we will see you again next season.

    Brian and Avril Stephenson (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

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