Your View Matters

Here at the Hotel Nafsika we like to hear what you think about things – as you know we’re on

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so every so often we’ll be conducting a poll to get your view on subjects that are important to us!

So here’s the first one:

Agios Stefanos Beach in north western Corfu has 2 names (the other is another resort of the same name on the north east coast)! Agios Stefanos Beach and San Stefanos Beach . Please vote below on which name you would prefer it to be called.

What’s your view? Click this link to register your vote!


8 thoughts on “Your View Matters

  1. Hi Spero,

    Excellent – keep up the good work — I will forward this blog to the rest of the Psiki family


  2. I stayed in Theo and Sophia’s villas which were located at the top of that steep hill that runs along the side of the Nafsika 3 times (once when I was 14, 15 and again when I was 23) but each time we used the hotel pool and restaurant everyday and was made as welcome as the guests staying there..The staff were brilliant, food was brilliant, facilities were brilliant but above all the way speros and his gang made you feel at home made our holidays special. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Yes the area back then (im 35 now) was quiet but Sidari is only 20 mins up the road and you’ll be pleased to come back to san stef at the end of the night lol 3 of the best holidays we have had and one day we will return…..thank you Spero for making our time special….p.s Wendy loved it that much (20 years of going), the only time she would fly was to come to see you and yours…she was petrified but she made it for you guys…you ROCK…xx may she RIP xxx

  3. I absolutely loved staying at the Nafsika Hotel! Everyone was so lovely there and the food was amazing. Spiros,Chris,Nikos and Domonic were the most amazing waiters i have met, they were so lovely and always smiling! Definitely want to go back again next year! Lots of love from Alice ❤

  4. Hi All. I`ve just read something on a San Stefanos Forum that has caused me gret concern; it says that a huge windfarm is likely to be constructed at sea between Corfu and the Diapontian Islands. The Turbines will be 550 feet high and completely ruin the whole appearance of the north west coast, and particularly the appeal of Aghios Stefanos.
    Can anyone tell me if this true; I would hate to think that the Greek Government would allow such a proposal; is this the Eurozone forcing its rather dubious `green energy` plans on Greece?
    I believe there is a petition that anyone can sign, however I have yet to find it; can anyone tell me how to find it please?
    All of us who love the area should be signing this; the report I read was posted in August but I was there in September and heard nothing about this diabolical proposal…so whats the latest on it…anyone know?

    Brian Stephenson

  5. 2013 – Holidays loom ever closer, 20 days and we’re back with Spiros and the crew. Shame some have moved on to pastures new but the old faithfulls still there again this year. pool repainted, and what else has Spiros got in store ? he tries so hard each year to provide some form of upgrade to the Nafsica. Hope to see old and new faces alike, and spend an great holiday one again in San Stef,

    • Isn’t the village’s name really Agios Stefanos – at least, that’s what all the roadsigns said when we were there in October, 2013.

    • I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, who built an annexe? As for us being totally booked up for 2013, I can assure you that we are not!!! Please write me that statement in an email so I can forward it to Thomson, thank you!

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